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The Kesarol Laundry House is a HoReCa customer’s laundry service partner. We serve mainly catering companies by providing a professional approach to the cleaning and maintenance of tablecloths, table linen, work clothes.
We offer regular customers a discounted laundry service with transportation. For transportation of linen, we offer special wheeled vehicles.
Please send us an indicative quantity and material for ordering a quote for one order on order

Blended washing 2.50
Table linen lingerie with Kalander ironing 2.50
Washing and drying 2.00
Manual ironing (trousers, trousers, skirts, etc.) 2.00
Handmade Decoration for Dresses (Pants, Dresses) 3,00
Minimum service cost € 30 also includes transportation within Tallinn.
VAT is added to the prices!
Special prices for lenders!